pbKit is bringing graphic hardware acceleration to OpenXDK

Already in December discount cartier bracelet 2006, openxdkman has released replica cartier love bracelet pbKit, a project aimed at bringing graphic hardware acceleration to OpenXDK. This is indeed great news. Check cartier bracelets out this topic over at Xbox-Scene.

Here’s his changelog:

Currently improving Cg pixel shader support (learning fog, phong, bumpmap, complex lighting)

In progress : Demo 03 - ? (Dunno yet. Large choice... Plenty of colors this time, I promise!)
Released    : Demo 02 - AntiAliased Pong (PS, VS, Full screen AntiAliasing, Texture mapping)
Released    : Demo 01 - Hardware accelerated Pong (Push buffer DMA engine + rectangle fill)

20070203 Pixel shader support improved. DMA BitBlt support added (see 2nd demo update).
20070129 Demo 02 - "AntiAliased Pong" released! pbKit fully supports Cg vertex shaders!
20070127 pbKit and "nouveau" project are now officialy connected (shared nv20 constants).
(see archivelog for older changes)

(not in charge of openxdk library, just an openxdk library user)

We have since added pbKit and some demos to our SourceForge download repository: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openxdk/files/pbKit/pbKit/